Global Leader

Global Leader


You’re a manager with global responsibilities, or will be one in the near future, and you are ready to generate bigger results and get to the next stage of your career. Or, perhaps you have been assigned to lead a challenging project with a global team and are ready to build your global leadership strengths. The Global Leader program is designed with you in mind.

This coaching program is based on the most recent and relevant research on global leadership competencies. The content is guided by the five competency areas of Polaris® Global Leadership Competency Model, our pioneering model of an ideal global leader:

  1. Cultural Competencies
  2. Personal Competencies
  3. Social Competencies
  4. Global Business Competencies
  5. Leadership Competencies

We coach you to enhance your ability to influence, inspire your diverse teams, build trust and respect so that you get desired results more consistently in an international work environment. You receive powerful feedback on your leadership style from Polaris® Global Leadership 360° Assessment Survey. Together with your coach, you develop an action plan to address competency gaps for your role and responsibilities, as well as your strengths to lead from.

The Global Leader program has available an online toolkit to assist you to build culturally competent leadership. It includes a self-assessment tool, country profiles & business practices, interactive problem solving exercises, and other activities which can be customized to meet your learning needs and business role.

Target Audience

Senior and mid-level managers, team leaders, emerging leaders and anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership.

Program Length

12-15 sessions during 6-8 months, including the assessment, coaching and review phases.


Develop a broader, more versatile leadership style to be effective anywhere.

  • Increase your competence and confidence in leading a culturally diverse team and in influencing peers, managers, clients, and suppliers.
  • Improve communication strategies.
  • Reach your goals with more satisfaction.
  • Become a more culturally competent leader who successfully conducts business in the global marketplace.

Research Study:

A 1997 study examined the effects of executive coaching in a public sector municipal agency. Thirty-one managers underwent a conventional managerial training program, which was followed by 8 weeks of one-on-one executive coaching. Training increased productivity by 22.4%. The coaching – which included goal setting, collaborative problem solving, practice, feedback, supervisory involvement, evaluation of end-results, and a public presentation – increased productivity by 88%, a significantly greater gain compared to training alone. The training provided a period of abstract learning of principles, while the coaching facilitated concrete involvement in a project specific to each participant’s work unit. (Olivero, G., Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool: Effects on productivity in a public agency, International Personnel Management Association, Washington, D.C., Winter 1997)