Why Leadership Coaching with EGL?

How We Assist You

EGL global coaching helps our clients navigate the complexities of global business to take themselves and their teams to a higher level of achievement and satisfaction.

  • Increase your effectiveness in working across borders
  • Expand communication style to accommodate others and gain more trust; avoid pitfalls of miscommunication across cultures
  • Accelerate your integration in a new job/role and a new country
  • Prepare and campaign for a promotion in your career
  • Optimize team effectiveness and initiative
  • Enhance interaction skills and people management skills
  • Develop the cultural intelligence required to lead teams, projects and operations across borders
  • Understand how your people, clients, and counterparts think and what influences their expectations and specific behavior with you
  • Respond appropriately to resistance to change

We partner with you to achieve your leadership goals on your timeline and produce desired results, using our “learning – action – learning” model.

Explore our learning programs!

We offer coaching for leaders, for peer groups of leaders and for global teams.  We customize our programs for each client to address specific competencies to develop and performance objectives to achieve.

Assessments are an integral part of our coaching and training programs. Check out our Assessments page to learn how.

The learning often starts with our Polaris® Global Leadership Competency Model and 360° Assessment Survey, a unique 360 assessment developed by Esprit Global Learning and Organization Systems International.