Global Coaching

Coaching and Global Mindset

What is global leadership coaching?

Coaching global leaders is a practical approach to enhancing leaders’ ability to get satisfying results from meeting the challenges of  working with people from multiple cultures, across several time zones, with communication barriers and widely varying business practices around the world. Global coaching is a powerful learning process which requires leaders to expand their global perspective and leadership style to be effective across borders. Our global coaches – with international business and living experience –  help global executives expand their global mindset in order to handle the increased complexity in the international business environment.  Global mindset is a central ingredient for building global business intelligence and handling the challenges of operating in the global economy. An executive with a global mindset may identify as a global citizen.

What is “global mindset”?

A global mindset means

  • seeing life through a global lens and  understanding how people think in other parts of the world where you do business
  • being curious about people from other cultures and how they do things; entering new situations with questions rather than with assumptions or answers
  • having a non-judgmental attitude about business behavior in other cultures and taking differing points of view into consideration to address complex issues
  • feeling comfortable operating in countries different from his/her own and enjoyment of exploring those countries
  • generating positive energy and optimism, and willingness to collaborate
  • being effective in influencing people from different socio-cultural systems
  • balancing the corporation’s vision and priorities with his/her own and those of local operations, and helping direct reports to do the same
  • demonstrating a concern for world issues, such as environmental sustainability and fair labor practices in the company’s offshore sites