Crafting Your Global Career Coaching Circle

Crafting Your Global Career 

“Carolyn helped me finally break free from trying to fit myself into other people’s job descriptions by showing me that throughout my career I had been building my own. Using practical tools, she helped me clarify what I wanted to do. With coaching and encouragement, she then helped me both outline and follow the steps I needed to redefine myself. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she had put me on a solid path towards starting my own business, and I’ve now been happily self-employed for more than two years. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wondering whether they can truly combine their career and their passion.”  

– B. Houtchens, Change Implementation and Software Efficiency Consultant, Los Altos, California

What It Is

Crafting Your Global Career is a small-group coaching program for professionals who are committed to working abroad. It guides participants to prepare for the challenges of the international job search, develop a clear goal, build your brand and credibility, and increase your cultural competence to thrive in the new country where you land a job.

It is led by Carolyn Feuille, president of Esprit Global Learning and certified professional coach who has specialized in career coaching, global leadership development and personal leadership for the past 15 years.  She has lived in three countries and worked in six and loves helping professionals navigate the challenges of living and working internationally.

Who It’s For – Do one of these fit you?

  • Professional individuals and couples wanting to live & work abroad for their current employer, for a new organization, or as independent contractors /consultants
  • Expatriate spouses looking for work in their host country
  • Professionals/semi-retired persons who want to work as solo-preneurs (e.g., write a book, create website designs, coach by phone) and have a different life style
  • Adventurous managers who will soon establish business operations in a foreign country for 1-2 years

What participants have in common — they have a passionate desire to create the next stage of a meaningful, international career, or job, that is aligned with their expertise & values, and uses their strengths and motivators.  They have a strong sense of adventure and enjoy exploring other cultures.  They are committed to closing the gap from where they are now and where they want to be in their career.  They are ready to make faster progress in their job search.

We are accepting only 4 eager professionals with minds like a sponge, ready to create an international job or career and soak up life in another country.

How It Works

– Using a “learning – action – learning” process, participants:

  1. Work from the inside out – a process of self-discovery of your personal and professional identity and what’s most important to you in your career
  2. Assess the job market for your profession and target companies, where you want to live, or have opportunities and connections.
  3. Build your online and offline brand and reputation (aka marketing).
  4. Stay focused and in action. We use the book A Career in Your Suitcase, by Jo Parfitt & Colleen Reichrath-Smith, to create your roadmap tailored to your needs and interests.  Work on your specific challenges.
  5. Have a positive experience with your job search process, as you network, get interviews and land a job abroad.
  6. -Coaching and Fieldwork:
  • You will join 3 other international job seekers in eight 90-minute coaching sessions held twice monthly on Zoom conference call. Discuss the challenges you and other participants are facing and progress you’re making on the coaching calls.
  • Participants also have an individual coaching session at the program outset and completion. You always have the option of more one-on-one sessions for an additional fee.
  • Fieldwork is assigned in between coaching sessions, to apply what you learn to your own search process.

Program Goals

  1. Identify increased job opportunities brought about by technology, globalization and new ways to contribute.  — International experience is already required for managers in some organizations; so, it can be a strong way to stand out and obtain quicker advancement in a corporate or non-profit career.
  2. Do a deeper dive into examining your job search and the many choices you face in making an international move and transition. Surface with more clarity and readiness for action.
  3. Increase your global network and visibility, and leverage them strategically.
  4. Gain insights on your specific challenges and ways to address them with the coach’s practical feedback.
  5. Make faster progress toward getting work abroad from incorporating the coaching, the peer learning, job search strategies, and tools into your immediate use.
  6. Get acquainted with tools for increasing cultural competence, keys to working effectively with people culturally different and in your destination country.
  7. Excel at job interviews and be poised to receive a job offer during or soon after completing the Crafting Your Global Career coaching program.

Big Benefits

  1. As a result of clarity about your career goals, discover your “calling” in life and the numerous opportunities that open up with that clarity.
  2. Stay motivated from taking the right actions and saving time in your search process.
  3. Increase your confidence from conducting your job search in a systematic way that’s self-reinforcing and rewarding.
  4. Feel satisfied from being aligned with your career goals and playing a bigger game in the international work arena.
  5. Develop or increase your knowledge of the culture of the country you expect to relocate to; be well prepared to adapt to the way of life there.
  6. Start growing into the person you’ve always wanted to become, personally and professionally. Expect a higher quality of life with the adventure of living abroad.

Your Investment:

Price:  $600 USD for 8 group coaching sessions PLUS 2 individual sessions.  This is a 50% savings from our individual coaching program fee.

The next program will start in spring 2018.

Adventure of a lifetime:

Packing up your life into suitcases for an international job is a transformative experience. Becoming an expatriate opens the door to a new way of working and living, to career progression with a new lifestyle that suits you.

Are you ready to take the plunge and create the next phase of your life in a new country?

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