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Case Studies – Snapshots

When you partner with Esprit Global Learning, you achieve your business goals while growing yourself and your people. Our clients experience individual and organizational benefits, as the following case studies illustrate.

How EGL works with its clients:

Case #1:


Fiber Optics division of a large global telecommunications corporation


During the dot-com boom, the Fiber Optics division was growing fast under new American ownership, and the mostly Taiwanese-born supervisors & managers had to quickly learn basic leadership skills, meet manufacturing quality standards, and improve their English skills.  The organization was having difficulty hiring and retaining qualified manufacturing employees.

Esprit Global Learning Service/Action

Created a customized leadership program with follow-on coaching to address issues of leading multicultural teams, building trust and engaging employees to increase retention.


Communication and cooperation improved; teams followed safety and quality regulations more often; and production increased to capacity within weeks.


“Carolyn customized and facilitated a leadership skills training program for my manufacturing supervisors, managers and engineers in a very challenging multicultural environment. She enabled the mostly foreign-born participants to better understand the role of supervisors/managers and develop vital interpersonal skills required to perform in the American business environment. She is a very skilled trainer and facilitator who can work with individuals at all levels of an organization.
Carolyn has a deep sensitivity and knowledge of cultural diversity issues of the American work environment as well as intercultural factors in doing business globally.”

Recommended Next Steps

  1. To increase communication and employee retention, provide coaching for additional manufacturing senior and mid-level managers in leading their multicultural workforce, addressing managers’ specific issues.
  2. Review hiring practices to be more competitive in talent recruitment.

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