“The success of my business depends significantly on the successful operation of key strategic partnerships. Coaching provided by Carolyn Feuille has helped me significantly improve my working relationships with my joint-venture partner, vendors and customers. The trusted relationships Carolyn’s training helped me build have really supported me to grow my business. Her international perspective and experience was also particularly helpful. Many of the people that I am working with to build the business are spread across the globe.

Second, Carolyn helped me fulfill my leadership potential by giving me the confidence to take my career to the next level.

Finally, my continuing practice of what Carolyn teaches has helped me expand my leadership effectiveness as a lifelong learning process.”

Julian C. Ting
Founder, President and Chief Financial Officer, NYC Inc.
Los Altos, California

“Carolyn customized and facilitated a leadership skills training program for my manufacturing supervisors, managers and engineers in a very challenging multicultural environment. She enabled the mostly foreign-born participants to better understand the role of supervisors/managers and develop vital interpersonal skills required to perform in the American business environment. She is a very skilled trainer and facilitator who can work with individuals at all levels of an organization.

Carolyn has a deep sensitivity and knowledge of cultural diversity issues of the American work environment as well as intercultural factors in doing business globally.”

Sue Czeropski
Human Resources Director, Lundy Manufacturing Operations, JDS Uniphase
San Jose, California

“Carolyn’s coaching helped me immensely during the interview process as well as the transition into my new position.  In this economy, nailing an interview is vital with so many talented people searching for fewer positions.  Carolyn gave me the tools I needed to differentiate my skills and abilities from all the other candidates and when I started the position, navigate a new organization with its own unique culture.  The coaching I received helped me focus on managing new relationships and setting clear goals for my personal growth from the outset. I constantly use the tools Carolyn taught me today – over 2 years later.  Thank you, Carolyn, for guiding me to success.”

Caroline Stringer, Associate, Global Technical & Regulatory Affairs
Almond Board of California
Modesto, California

“I had been experiencing some difficulty communicating with a manager, and I could not understand why. Carolyn’s coaching on how to develop a better relationship with him helped me see what makes him tick. I got a plan to open up communication with him, put it into action, and we are now working as allies instead of being at odds with each other. I showed more patience toward him, which gained his trust; I was then able to bring up issues. He in turn was able to relax and open a dialogue, and we found some common ground.

I was surprised just how powerful the coaching tool is and how Carolyn was able to identify by astute questioning what the issue was, and then encourage me to see how my actions impacted on the situation. The solution that she helped develop was practical, implementable and above all, highly effective. I got so much out of the coaching relationship that I would highly recommend others to work with Carolyn.”

Jane Booth
Business Development, Execustaff
San Jose, California

“I want to thank you for offering the coaching course, Global HR Coaching Circle. I was able to apply the concepts quickly, and I appreciated the collaboration between the coaches and participants to provide me guidance and suggestions for some of the areas I face, like virtual team management and cultural awareness of technical HR system integration.

As you know, when working in a global, virtual environment, multi-cultural diversity is part of doing business.Through our discussion and the COI assessment, I can make more connections to challenges I deal with as well as apply tools that help me and my extended team, especially my HR counterparts in Finland.

Carolyn’s experience in organizational and cultural themes is fantastic. Her cultural coaching program was very thorough and the guidance, assessments, and debrief were very useful, and more importantly, designed to be quickly implemented. I continue to utilize the material gained from her course and her overall counsel.”

Tony Debauwe, Manager, Human Resources
Mountain View, California

“This training – Cross-Cultural Orientation to Vietnam – was a first class job. I identified areas where my management style might need some modification to be completely effective. The trainer exceeded expectations. It was well worth the time and effort.”

J. H., Planning and Evaluation Mgr.

“Through Carolyn’s coaching I experienced in-depth discovery and understanding of myself and of how I related to the world around me – socially, professionally, emotionally – and gained a great deal of acceptance, confidence and grounding in who I was and what could be my place in the world. Her depth of knowledge in various models and methodologies was of great use as she was able to draw on these various tools as needed. I am very grateful for having spent the time I did under Carolyn’s guidance and support. There is a direct correlation between the position I currently hold and the work Carolyn enabled me to accomplish. I have recommended her to several people and hope to re-initiate a coaching relationship with her in the future.”

Richard Major, VP, Human Resources, Worldwide Operations
Solectron Corporation
Milpitas, California

“After fifteen years as a professor and department chair on the science department faculty at a small, comprehensive college with international students and staff, I became the Dean of Enrollment, supervising an administrative staff of twenty admission and financial aid counselors. Leadership coaching with Ms. Feuille assisted me dramatically in this transition and allowed me to gain insights in time management, management style, and establishing professional growth goals for myself and my subordinates.

Carolyn asked good questions and assisted me with growthful reflections. She provided a wealth of relevant reading and management-style assessment materials. In my probationary evaluation, my supervisor noted my dramatic growth into the position as Dean of Enrollment during the coaching period.”

Kathleen Logan, Ph.D.
Dean of Enrollment, College of Notre Dame de Naimurs
Belmont, California