Esprit Global Learning Associates

Esprit Global Learning is a group of senior professionals with global business experience who have lived and worked in other countries. They are dedicated to the professional development of global leaders and enabling their teams to perform more effectively.

We collaborate with many partners to develop and deliver high impact programs. These professionals represent many cultures in Asia, Europe and The Americas and bring a broad range of international living and business experience to provide excellent, up-to-date learning programs. Our associates come from the fields of business management, leadership, organization development, coaching, training, international business consulting and possess extensive knowledge of intercultural relations.

Our special relationship with the Global Coaches Network gives Esprit Global Learning’s clients the advantage of arranging for a coach based in Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America and North America.

Our partnership with Organization Systems International offers our clients access to additional leadership tools, including an executive simulation for leading a global company, assessments, and a variety of leadership training programs.

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