Increase your global effectiveness

Global Business is getting more complex, competitive, and it’s changing rapidly.  The leadership required to integrate business practices across borders and to inspire global teams to communicate and perform requires a broader repertoire of knowledge and skills.  Global managers must inspire and influence others who may not share their values, language, or business practices.  And, it’s a constant challenge to lead a balanced life with a 24/7 operation and responsibilities.

Take advantage of global differences

For the past ten years at Esprit Global Learning, we have supported corporate leaders, teams, coaches and other business professionals to become global in mindset and grapple with the challenges of culture gaps, time zones, technology, language and business integration barriers.

We are the co-creators of the pioneering multi-rater assessment, Polaris® Global Leadership 360° Assessment Survey and Competency Model.

Our training and coaching specialties in global talent development:

  • Developing global leaders
  • Coaching managers on international assignment
  • Building virtual & multicultural teams
  • Global leadership assessments with Polaris® Global Leadership 360° Assessments and other tools
  • Coaching skills for managers

Global business isn’t business as usual…

The only thing that limits you in working globally is:

your mindset

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